Cruise Control Diet Book Review

Created By: James Ward

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What is The Cruise Control Diet?

The Cruise Control Diet program is created by James Ward to help everyone lose fat naturally. It is even endorsed by many doctors after finding it effective. You do not need an elaborate diet or a meal plan. You can eat instinctively, and use this program to create a health program that is directed to make you lose fat and stay healthy.

This is one of the most flexible diet programs. This program facilitates fat loss by the control of fat hormones like leptin and insulin. According to this program, if you eat foods that contain sugar or the byproducts of sugar, you will be loading your body with these fat hormones. Hence, you can keep track of what you eat so that the fat hormones are avoided. The Cruise Control Diet program gives a structured way of controlling these fat hormones.

This program follows a radical principle called ‘The Instinctual Eating Principle’ or the IEP. According to this principle, it is important to know what to eat instead of knowing how much to eat. This way, an individual using the Cruise Control Diet program for fat loss can lose weight and stay fit. When you watch what you eat, the fat deposits in the body are properly utilized to cease the hunger pangs that resist you from over eating– this naturally helps you in losing weight. Your body takes care of losing fat by itself when you choose this program. You don’t need strenuous exercises or any other special diet for fat loss.

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Rules for following the Cruise Control Diet:

  • When you follow the simple rules given in this book, you can burn fat naturally.
  • One of the rules is to choose the list of fat burning foods given in this book and stick to them.
  • You must also avoid foods that increase the fat hormones, such as sugars and carbohydrates. It is recommended in this book to avoid commercially made fruit juices, smoothies, and go for natural foods that burn fat.
  • One practical rule given in this book that everyone can follow is that you can treat yourself with your favorite foods, occasionally. Since the occasional treats will not increase weight, this should be done systematically.
  • The author understands that it is not possible to completely eliminate your favorite foods from the diet. Hence, he has recommended in this book that eating them sporadically and in a structured manner will not cause weight gain.
  • You can eat like a lion, and still not gain excess fat when you listen to your body instinctively. When your body gets adapted to eating healthy, the mechanism of hunger in the body is also controlled. When you follow these simple rules given in this book, fat loss becomes natural and easy.

Fat Loss Recipes you get with Cruise Control Diet:

This book contains simple, precise information that helps you lose fat and body weight naturally, without the use of weight loss drugs. The cookbook has 60 fat burning recipes that promote fat loss and do not compromise with your taste buds. When you eat nutritious and unprocessed foods, the entire mechanism of the body to treat food and hunger gets restored to healthy levels. Adopting this program can cause permanent fat loss and give you a healthy lifestyle. The minimalistic and non-fussy approach towards weight loss makes this a unique and an effective fat loss and health program to follow.

Stress-free Fat Loss with Cruise Control Diet:

This is the only fat loss program that is completely natural and stress-free, and it is easily available online. Anyone can use this program and see its true benefit for themselves. You don’t have to be familiar with any fat loss jargons as everything in this book is explained in a layman’s language. When you follow this program, it restores your health as well as keeps you lean and fit. James Ward the author says that you lose excess fat in the body by choosing the right diet. Weight loss is no more difficult or a herculean task for anyone who is obese. This approach lets you make healthy lifestyle changes promoting permanent fat loss. This is the only weight loss program that does not restrict you from treating yourself occasionally.

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  • The best part about this program is that hunger is channelized in a way that the body’s internal metabolism changes facilitating fat loss.
  • The metabolism is altered so that body treats hunger naturally. During this phase, diet is altered and healthy changes are made so that you feel satiated eating fat burning foods mentioned in this book.
  • According to this book, while you eat natural foods, you are allowed to eat junk food twice a week.
  • This way, you eat what you like and still burn fat. One of the habits that this book does not encourage is counting of calories.
  • You don’t have to refer food labels to count calories when you choose something to eat. This is because all the food that is recommended in the diet is natural. Processed food is strictly discouraged from eating.
  • People of all age groups and ethnicities can use this program to lose weight. You could consider this a sacred bible for permanent fat loss. When you buy this book, you can keep referring it to understand the cooking methods and refer the extensive list of fat burning foods.


  • When you keep following this program even after experiencing fat loss and change your lifestyle and habits, you will see that the fat deposits are not stored inside your body.
  • Since this is the most natural method of losing weight, without starving or keeping yourself away from your favorite foods; it works well on the mind, body, and spirit easing the process of weight loss.

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Anyone looking for a program that is authentic and natural can choose the Cruise Control Diet program. The suggestions and information in this book remove the stress of losing weight and going on a diet plan, and present to you a way of making permanent healthy lifestyle changes. 

The Cruise Control Diet eBook is available for you to buy online at just $39.99. What makes the deal even sweeter is that you can now purchase it risk-free and try the product for 60 days. The creator of the program, James Ward, has offered a money-back guarantee for 2 complete months; so if you’re not happy with the results, you can certainly get your money refunded within this time. Looking at all the positive aspects, we certainly recommend trying out the Cruise Control Diet program.

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