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Product Name: 1 ClickWP

Created By: Giri Prakash

Official Website: CLICK HERE


1 ClickWP save your time to make your WordPress site easy. Usually, setting up WordPress is time-consuming and stressful. You have to set up your hosting plan. Then you need to upload your files. Then you have to set up the databases and run the install. Even if you get good at it; it take’s more than 15 to 20 minutes. But with 1 ClickWp plugin you can make your work easy even If you get hacked or if your server crashes, you will still have WordPress back with you.


Does 1 ClickWP Really Work or Scam?

1 ClickWP plugin helps for WordPress creation. When you create WordPress review website, you have to maneuver around tools like WHM and cPanel. You have to keep track of database names, usernames, and passwords. File permissions and MySQL permissions. It’s too hard to do. 1 ClickWP helps you for:

  • You can install new WordPress sites in under 60 seconds. 
  • Your WordPress sites can be backed up instantly with 1 click at any time.
  • You can restore backups and create site comes like a pro in seconds.
  • 1 ClickWP you’ll find a built-in repository for your WordPress themes. Upload them inside 1 ClickWP web app and deploy them to all your sites in 1 click.
  • If you want to install a particular plugin or a theme on a particular site? Just select the ones you need, make 1 click, and you’re done. Everything ins finally in 1 convenient place.


1 clickwp how to use this plugin

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