Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review


Product Name: Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Author Name: Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset.

Official Website: CLICK HERE


Whether you are searching for the way to make easier to assess, correct, and also strengthen the two most general used joints on the body and every stuff which goes into the training them, and allow your customers to see bigger and faster results that ever thought possible, Here is the seminar series that value to you and your customers. Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the complete workshop that takes the viewers which are used by both to improve your upper body and lower body function, strength, endurance, and resilience. This program will allow you on how to connect the dots between the thorough assessment, better understanding what the corrective strategies whether any will work for the best, and how to build the training program to allow you and your customers in the direct way possible.

What is the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the training workshop that improves your coaching and gets dozens of corrective options. This program will teach you on how to use the static and integrative assessment to help your training programs. It will train to improve the strength, active mobility, and durability with the variety of the modalities, and also when to adjust to make every easier or harder. You can train the athletes for the specific considerations, and the differences between them and the “desk jockey” customers and also what limits overhead mobility levels in many people. It will help you to find the role in training, how to find them, and what to do to capitalize them. You can use the test re-test assessment for your advantage and show customers where and how they can improve.

How Does Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Works?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint will help your customers to get through usual shoulder problems more effectively. The streamline of your assessment and the program design, allowing you to get the faster results and more effective use of your valuable time, and that of your customers. It will make you see the details of the shoulder motion that you didn’t notice before, and if something you are using the exercise program is working or not. It will upgrade your exercise toolbox to address the commonly overlooked movement problems. In this program, you can also help customers to see instant improvements, sometimes within few minute or two, and also allow them to buy into your abilities. This program will help you to target in on what will be work best for the people in front of you, also saving you both of the time spent on the useless exercises or any drills. It will connect the dots between the assessments, mobility levels, strength, and also conditioning program considerations. This program will break down into the system that you can use it for today with yourself or your customers to see the immediate benefit while also eliminating the guess work.


What Will You Get From Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint includes the 11 hours of video. The five video classes for the shoulder and six videos for the hip.

  • Video 1: Shoulder assessment considerations, differences among the overhead athletes and “Average Joes”
  • Video 2: Assessments, common problems, and adaptations to demands.
  • Video 3: Removing all the poor movement control, motion and prevent from shoulder health risk factors and the shoulder stabilization options.
  • Video 4: The usual errors in the shoulder health exercise prescriptions.
  • Video 5: Hands on the shoulder training such as the prone trap raise, scapular motion, chin up progression, breathing drills to allow for the shoulder movement.
  • Video 6: The Hip anatomy and individual differences show you the hip anatomy different, even also between sides, and that means to your training program for passive assessments.
  • Video 7: The stratifying hip mobility and aims for training programs depend on the positional differences and the available range of the motion. By using the active assessments and gross patterns.
  • Video 8: The restriction to the movement may be, how to address it, be it the structural, soft tissue, or any neural and how to adapt that directive to the specific person and the abilities.
  • Video 9: The Integrative mobility and strengthen work.
  • Video 10: The training the hip hinge and the squat.
  • Video 11: The wrap-up and the huge considerations, additional unscripted Q & A.



  • Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint will help you to become the better trainer.
  • This workshop provides you the tips and tricks to take your deadlifts and squats to the next level.
  • You will get the instructions to view and easily download the videos.
  • This program will help you to learn all the assessments and exercises.
  • It is user-friendly and highly reliable.
  • This program is available at reasonable price.


  • Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is available in Online only and Not offered in hard copy.



Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the highly-recommended program that helps your customers battle back from the injury and also hit performance records. The videos of the seminar are offered to anybody around the world, meaning that you don’t need to travel to attend the workshop and here you have the ability to watch the videos at your leisure versus taking time off from work, traveling, and also sitting through the whole thing in the one sitting. Here you will get 60 days to test this program. So don’t waste this nice workshop to get learn the training, mobility, and strength training.


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