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Each and everyone wants to be stay focused throughout the day and the energy levels high to perform at your best. Have you ever heard about our human body is sensitive to light, where the exposure to light helps in maintaining the rhythm of the body. If you feel exhausted always and that affects your ability to perform your daily tasks? Do you want to be more energized? If you are in search of some innovative ways to boost your extra energy that helps in improving your mood and mental alertness throughout the day? Then, you should consider HumanCharger where it is the perfect product that helps in providing your body with the daily dosage of sunlight.

So, stay connected with this review till the end without any distractions. HumanCharger is the unique bright light therapy device with a patented mechanism. This revolutionary device that helps in your well-being and channels where you can have bright light directly to your brain. It is the sun in your pocket where you can have increased energy level, mental alertness and can quickly reduce the winter blues at bay.

About The HumanCharger:

HumanCharger is the bright light therapy device that works at your convenience and efficiency. This device helps in providing you with more energy than any other traditional bright light devices. It helps in making you awake and stays focused on an entire day. This device mainly focused on your bright light for both your mind and body performance. It had been found after a long-term research and development as the world’s first portable bright light therapy device. It is fueled by the innovation in the category of bright light devices that work by understanding how the human brain senses response to the light.

This device works so efficiently for the winter blues and all other areas of well being and performance. This principal product aim is to help people to feel better by reducing any depression and negativity from their life. This uni-pocket-sizedzed HumanCharger had already helped over 70,000 of happy customers worldwide.

HumanCharger review

Human Charger Specifications:

  • HumanCharger comprised of Valkee main unit
  • It has thickness of 9mm / 47 grams
  • This device has the indicator light for session length and progress.
  • Contains USB connector for the LEDSet and charger cable.
  • It has indicator light for the battery power
  • Power ON/ OFF button
  • It has light output of 3.5 Lumens

How Does HumanCharger Works?

HumanCharger is the bright light therapy device which had been highly recommended by 87% of users. It will be helpful in providing your body with the daily dosage of sunlight where you will feel fully charged all day by just spending 12 minutes a day. It works in improving your mood, increasing your energy levels and mental alertness. With a patented mechanism it makes you stimulated the photosensitive proteins on the brain when the white light passes through your ear canals. The advanced LEDSet earbuds enter in the photosensitive areas of the brain which is stimulated by the brain.

The HumanCharger helps in increasing your energy levels and makes a quick recovery from the effects of jet lag. It is so easy to use where all you need to put the LEDSet earbuds simply into your ears and press the power button. Once the bright light flows into your ear canals that reach the brain’s photosensitive receptors. This device only requires just 12 minutes where it does not have any limit to the user from daily activities. HumanCharger is unique where no other light therapy is as effective in which it has been specially designed with the comfort of your mind. All you need to start your bright light therapy pushing the power button and the UV-free calibrated white light flows through your ear canals with the light-sensitive regions of your brain.

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What Are The Benefits You Get From Using HumanCharger?

  • This device helps in sync you all the time with the perfect exposure of the light. It helps in maintaining the rhythm of your natural body clock.
  • Using HumanCharger, you will feel more energized and makes you provided with the ability to perform your daily tasks.
  • This device completely alleviates the jet lag symptoms where all you need to use HumanCharger at regular basis within two hours of waking up.
  • Use the HumanCharger regularly where you can experience more happy and vibrant day.
  • The bright light therapy headset device can be used at anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours every day through the ear canal it directly enters your brain.


  • Convenient- It is highly convenient where you can easily carry in your pocket wherever and whenever you want.
  • Well, Built- This device is durable and well-built with a single piece of aluminum virtually indestructible.
  • Comfortable- The LEDSet perfectly fits in your ear shapes where you can use it for 12 minutes to feel energized.
  • Stylish and Efficient- HumanCharger is a small award-winning design with one button functionality of rechargeable battery.
  • Safe and Effective- This light therapy uses patented technology safer than the sun which has no UV rays.
  • The Box Includes- It includes a LEDSet with four sizes of earbud fittings with a user guide and USB Charging Cable.


  • All you need an internet connection to get access to this device. Without a stable internet connection, you cannot get accessed.

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In conclusion, HumanCharger is highly recommended! It is a bright LEDSet headset that helps people to stay more energized throughout the day. This device is a quick, efficient and convenient way to get the daily dosage of light in just 12 minutes a day. It is so easy to use, convenient, stylish and the battery charge lasts for a long time. It can be carried anywhere you want, and by just listening 12 minutes per day you can feel great. This device was definitely worth your money. I’m so confident with this life-changing piece of technology.

It helps in providing you with the bright light that naturally passes through your ear canal without causing any irritations. Get your HumanCharger today! Bring the sunshine into your life and feel better than ever.


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