Michael S.Tyrrell’s Wholetones Chroma Review

Created By: Michael S.Tyrrell

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There is an ancient saying, which goes, “Music heals everything.” This is indeed true. And the Wholetones Chroma does the same thing. Wholetones Chroma comes with seven soundtracks that have seven different frequencies. Each of these frequencies provides you with different healing effects in different areas of your body. The world slowly understands the healing power that music has and uses it for the good of humanity. Here, I have reviewed the quality of the music of Wholetones Chroma.

What is Wholetones Chroma?

Let me first tell you what Wholetones Chroma contains. Wholetones is an organization that produces music that is soothing, melodious and also has some healing effects on our health. They employ different concepts in their music and then release into the market. Such music is helpful to drive away negative thoughts, depression, and stress. It also cultivates a positive attitude that helps your brain perform in a better manner.

Chroma is a new album released by Wholetones. It has a collection of 7 musical tones designed with seven musical frequencies. Each frequency has its significance on your health. Some might find the effects to be slow while others might find it quick. However, it worked for me slowly, and that is how it is designed to be. Chroma was composed by Michael S. Tyrrell, a famous musician, author, and speaker. He believes in the healing power of the music and wants to deliver it to everyone through Chroma.

Before actually listening to Wholetones Chroma, I first gathered some information about Michael S. Tyrrell. He is a very open-hearted man and is now getting global recognition for doing the things he wants to do. He is one of the best musicians out there, and you can listen to his music. The music could be about life transformation, humanity, or simple topics, such as the butterflies in the background. He adds passion to every masterpiece he composes and makes you feel grateful for being born as a human.

The Wholetones Chroma consists of two and half hours of music with seven songs of seven different frequencies. It is like a music marathon. Listening to these music tracks can help you get rid of all the physical and mental issues related to your body and mind. As the healing process is slow, make sure you listen to the music daily.


My Experience with Wholetones Chroma:

A few days back, I was having severe mental depression and stress due to my workload. It was so severe that I thought I would soon have a mental breakdown. I was unable to concentrate on anything, including my work and family. Then, while browsing online for possible solutions for depression and stress, I came across Wholetones Chroma. I read a few articles online about the musical tones and came to know that many people have healed of their physical and mental stress by listening to the Chroma. I immediately purchased the package and listened to each of 7 musical frequencies it has. Magically, I got relieved from all my mental depression and stress in a couple of days. I not only became a normal person but also became a person whose mind always thinks positively. Hence, I thought of writing out a review of the product so that everyone benefits from it.

Contents of Wholetones Chroma and its Effects

  • Song 1

The first song is known as ‘Open Door’. It has a frequency of 396Hz. This frequency is targeted at healing the problems related to kidneys, brain, and liver. By listening to this frequency, you can combat unreasonable fears of something that might go wrong or did not go well. You can get relief from the unnecessary guilty feelings about something you never did. Such feelings often eat us from inside and never let us concentrate on our work properly. However, this frequency can heal us from all the above-mentioned negative feelings.

  • Song 2

The second song is known as ‘Desert Sojourn’. It has been composed at a frequency of 417Hz. This frequency is known to reduce stomach problems, increase digestion rate, stabilize metabolism rate, and lower a headache, which is the primary reason for stress. I was relieved of the negative thoughts I had after listening to it several times. It also removed the laziness from me and thus, I have become able to take the actions whenever I want and never postpone things.

  • Song 3

Here comes the third song which is known as ‘The Key of David’. This song is at a frequency of 444Hz. It has many advantages which will offer you nothing else but peace. This frequency has much significance because this is the frequency which was used by David to calm King Saul. Listening to this song, I felt like there is no more stress in my life and thus, I was immediately at peace.

  • Song 4

The Fourth song is composed at the 528Hz frequency. This song is known as ‘Transformation.’ This frequency can transform stress into peace. It can also create an environment where the body gets a chance to repair the chemical imbalances, such as muscle tension, hormones, and blood circulation. This song has helped me to have control over my body.

  • Song 5

The fifth song is known as ‘The Bridge.’ The Bridge has been given a frequency of 639Hz. This frequency targets relationships. This frequency teaches you to consider forgiveness towards your relationships. Often in relationships, people hold ego and grudges which result in breaking up of relationships. Hence, this song relieves you from all the negative ego and grudges. Physically, this frequency targets adrenal problems, gallbladder, and endocrine system.

  • Song 6

This song is known as ‘Great Awakening.’ At a frequency of 741Hz, it gives you spiritual connectedness. You will experience a deep emotional healing. This song also increases your immune system and thereby protects you from any diseases or infections. It enhances your circulatory system and makes your heart healthy and younger.

  • Song 7

The seventh song is known as ‘The Majestic.’ The Majestic is composed at a frequency of 852Hz. This song makes you feel grateful to God and humanity. This song helps you appreciate all the creations of God. You will also appreciate how we have evolved through all these ages and how we make use of all the creations of God.



  • Wholetones Chroma is not the kind of music that you will listen for some time and then get bored. It will inspire you to listen to it more and more without getting bored.

  • You can play it anywhere and anytime you want. You can play it in a spa or while exercising or studying. You can also play it at a dinner party with friends and family.

  • You can unveil the inner power in you to eliminate the negative thoughts and increase your productivity and creativity.

  • Wholetones Chroma gives you a miraculous experience that you have never had in your life.
    It relieves you from all your physical and mental problems, including the issues related to your body and mind.

  • Wholetones Chroma consists of the music that David used to calm, King Saul. So this music can surely bring peace in anyone’s life.

  • It also explains the science behind all the frequencies used to relieve you from the negative thought cycles and enhance positive thinking in you.

  • Wholetones Chroma comes with a user manual that gives step-by-step instructions on how to use, listen to, and understand the frequencies of the music.

  • Wholetones Chroma gives you a good mood and heals the aches of your body.

  • The seven frequencies contained in Wholetones Chroma help transform your life.

  • It also comes with a 100% cash-back guarantee for 90 days in case you never experience any change.



As mentioned earlier, Wholetones Chroma has seven frequencies that have the power to heal all kinds of physical and mental issues you deal with on a daily basis. The stress could originate from your work, relationships, or other issues. I have heard all the seven musical frequencies, and they helped me reduce my mental stress to a great extent. I recommend that everyone going through any the above-mentioned issues must buy the Wholetones Chroma and help themselves get rid of all stress. I appreciate the great work done by Wholetones and Michael S. Tyrrell for making such a masterpiece and delivering it to us. Wholetones Chroma is priced at $99 which is reasonable considering the impact it creates in our lives. Just go ahead and purchase this amazing product.

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