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Author Name: Samantha Sanderson

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Dating is a complex game because it’s filled with anxiety and also the thought of not knowing how the future will turn out. The mind of a man is too complicated for a woman to understand, which is why women will fall for men deeply, only to end up getting hurt because the man was only playing her, and not really interested in any future commitments. Samantha Sanderson’s Penguin Method is the key to creating a powerful, unspoken connection with your man that won’t fade with time and a scientifically proven way to get him to commit to you both physically and emotionally forever. It make you brave in front of a man with professional techniques, secrets and tricks. It re-programs the mind of your man to completely erase their doubts about having a lasting relationship with you. It also develops his burning desire to be with you everyday despite of being afraid for lifetime commitment.

What is The Penguin Method?

The Penguin Method is a comprehensive guide for women, teaching techniques on how to “switch” the button in a man’s brain that triggers his capability to love and want her more than anything in this world. It will provide you the right knowledge that you need if you want to notice how a male’s mind reacts to various situations and use it towards your advantage in order to make your target man fall for you.


How Does The Penguin Method Works?

  • The Romeo Effect which utilizes a powerful combination of words to make him feel instantly and magnetically drawn to you.
  • The Instant Infatuation Formula that makes a man want to come closer, protect you, and be around you all the time.
  • The Masculine Mind Mapper that helps you quickly uncover the hidden meaning behind everything he says or doesn’t say.
  • The Law Of Sexual Attraction and how to use it to spark overwhelming feelings of lust and desire in your man.
  • The Emotional Bonding Effect that makes you so important to him he’ll stay loyal to you forever.
  • The Feminine Phone Fascination Technique that makes a man instantly want to respond to your phone calls and texts even when he’s having a guys night out.
  • The Soulmate Sequence will turn him into your soul mate and experience perfect harmonic chemistry.
  • Eternal Commitment Code helps to know how to get him to finally settle down and commit his heart, body and soul to you.
  • The Instant Intimacy Inducers that get your man to open up so you know exactly what he’s thinking and feeling and where you stand in the relationship.

What Will You Learn From The Penguin Method?

  • It will teach you a strange but shockingly powerful secret that will literally make any man instantly and automatically addicted to you.
  • You will discover how to make loving and appreciating you a part of your man’s everyday routine.
  • You will share the intimacy, passion and white-hot sexual chemistry that is normally shared only by the star-crossed lovers.
  • You will know how to flood a man’s thoughts so that he becomes completely infatuated by you.
  • You will learn why a guy will suddenly disappear from your life, leaving you with no idea what went wrong.
  • You will discover how to form Habits of Love inside of him, so that he wants you, desire you and needs you from the very core of his soul.
  • You will learn how to flip a switch in your man’s subconscious mind that triggers overpowering urges and cravings to be with you.


  • 7 Deadly Sins Of Re-Attraction Video
  • Cupid’s Commitment Commandments
  • Unlock His Heart Exclusive Report
  • Forever Yours Exclusive Report


  • It is based on neurological reliance techniques that will subconsciously control the thoughts and emotions of any man, regardless of your situation.
  • The method used in this program helps to mesmerize any man and make him want a permanent commitment with you.
  • It simply gives them the right confidence and command when it comes to controlling the man they want.
  • It is a one size fits-it-all relationship guide. It works for all women, regardless of their race, color, how they look and so forth.
  • You will be able to view and download it to any device, including your laptop, desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, or any other type of smart phone or tablet.
  • This eBook comes with a 100% money back guarantee which means that either way (whether you like the book or not) you have nothing to lose.


  • The program comes in a digital format which means you cannot find it in any bookstore worldwide because it is only available online.
  • If you are not ready to read and practice the techniques in your relationship, then it will most likely backfire.


Otherwise, Samantha Sanderson’s Penguin Method is a creative and innovative guide that has helped those who want to be helped. So if you’re among them, it is better you buy it and start learning the secrets now. You have nothing to loose where attempts are being made to safeguard your relationship. Samantha offers a 60 day any reason money back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the product you can get your money back.

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